World Poker Tour - the world poker tour has just been acquired by PartyPoker

In early August the WPT announced being sold to Gamynia, a private Investor Group. After this anounciation the supervisory board declared that the offer from Party Gaming came after that. Obviously the news was too early. Otherwise it would not have been so easy to make the deal with Party Gaming. The deal was worth $12,3 million and gives Party Gaming the ownership of WPT’s brand name, programming archive and current contracts.

The deal is still subject to approval by the WPT shareholders.

Since the online gambling in the US is prohibited in 2006, in fact the cash-out to the US-customers is forbidden by law, nearly 2/3 of the users were lost and 60% of the income for Party Gaming was gone.

For Party Poker it is now: As they may not be able to make Online Poker in the US, they simply make their deal with Live-Poker. This sounds like a great comeback.

Since the Safe Port Act signed by President Bush ind 2006 the US market is fiercely contested, gaining a foothold here in Live-Poker will result in a great deal for the first online gambling company who can afford this step. Obviously Party Gaming will be the first one.

Now it is only on to the shareholders if the deal will be done. Until February 24th the shareholders can decide if the deal is sealed if not the sale contract will be dissolved.

Will Party Gaming bring the WTP back on top or other way around ‚Äď will the WTP bring Party Gaming back to their former number one?

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